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280W Beam Spot Light
      (Shu Yang) 280W Beam Spot Light is a multifunctional lamp. lighting source is  OSRAM HRI 280. Based on beam effect. It strengthens the function of beam, through the fine design of optical system, makes the beam more smooth, firm, uniform brightness, more impact, but also take into account the spot, wash. Lighter weight, easier installation.
    HotBeam280 is a very clean peripheral, contour no imaginary side of the beam. Once listed, immediately caused a sensation in the market. Contrast 230 beam light, it enhances the brightness and enhances the pattern function, the double prism. Contrast 330 light beam, the brightness of the case, the smaller size, light bulb life longer. If a      330 beam lamp and a 230 beam lamp are used simultaneously. 500 hours later, the 230 light beams of light brightness is better than 330, because the faster decay curves of 330W bulb.
HotBeam280 whether lease or bar engineering. Is the best choice for beam products. It has been hot in a foreign country for a long period of time. Please be assured that use!


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