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The skill and the taboo of the stage lights
In the control of lighting, there cannot be any random, because of its own operation rules and skills of manipulating light, otherwise, it will lead to damage of lighting, lamps and lanterns, lamp control, or even cause fire occurred, resulting in serious losses.
The following is a mistake, often appear in the actual work noted here, learn a lesson.
1. In lighting cold state, suddenly push bright (full) light, the results may cause lighting "pa" sound decrepitation; or cause light bulb with a tungsten filament fuse.
(1) due to the lighting in the production process, lighting glass shell will inevitably be uneven, thus leading to the heated unevenness phenomenon. When suddenly push bright lighting, will cause the bulb glass shell instant warming, as if life into an empty glass bottle filled with hot water as the effect.
(2) when finished after the lights, lighting in changed from hot to cold, absorption of water molecules in the air, these water molecules will stay in bulb glass shell aggregation. When you suddenly push bright lighting, glass shell of water molecules, as if in a hot pan of oil injection as the effect of bulb explosion broken is the logical thing.
(3) suddenly push light, the impact of the current moment (Sheng Gao), this will be an easy job to tungsten under.
Skills: when lighting in the cold state (before the opening of, will control fader only push a (often said that the pressure light), lighting micro light, let in the warm-up state, so that the heat evenly, and evaporate condensation of water molecules in the glass bulb shell, preheating after a few minutes, pushed a little brighter, preheating again after a few minutes, the light will be completely bright.
2 avoid dimming Taiwan clippers full state, and then open the silicon box power supply. The result is the same as the above, the two will damage the light bulb. Should the dimming Taiwan all the fader is closed, open silicon box power line.
3 when the switch equipment, the lamp control desk and the order of the silicon box power upside down. When the power is turned on, it is necessary to first open the lamp control platform of power supply, and then open the silicon box power supply; when the power supply is switched off, to close the silicon box power supply, after the closure of the lighting control platform of power supply. If you reverse the order of operation, the line will cause all the lights flashing, which will affect the service life of the lamp.
4 avoid in the light when the light bulb, the big action shaking lamps. OSRAM will break or fall off.
Lighting after ignition, the temperature gradually increased, the tungsten filament accordingly will become soft, and is affected by gravity, tungsten wire is also a corresponding drop (if using screw shaped tungsten filament in the bulb is not. This phenomenon particularly apparent), this action when the lamp is shaken, also want to wait until the lights light cool completely before removing.
5. Avoid replacement bulbs, direct hand contact lighting, which will affect the lighting is bright and clean degree, and another recessive harm is caused by lighting decrepitation.
(1) finger grease or fingers and lighting glass surface friction will leave the "Scar", thus affecting the brightness and transparency of the lighting and therefore affect the normal illumination of lighting.
(2) if there is sweat on the fingers, fingers and lighting "close" contact, sweat salt molecules will absorb water molecules in the air, if there was water in the lighting, when the lighting of rapid warming, it is easy to burst into pieces.
Operating skills: when changing light bulbs, be sure to wear gloves first, then contact the light bulb.. If there is no gloves, packaging can be used to lighting the sponge, plastic paper or soft paper towel on the, and then install, installation must remember these inclusions will take down, lest push bright lighting fires.
6 avoid light shines out of light tone too focused. Too much focus will in a short period of time will be installed in the lamp on the color of colored paper fades, lose color, what is more, colored paper burn a hole. If the lamp is close to the distance and flammable items, it is not possible to point.
Skills: in the adjustment of lamp irradiation beam, the slight astigmatism as well. If the intensity is not enough, can add to the lamp.
7. Avoid by all means is installed for color and forget to install the protective net cover, protective net cover is to prevent the bulb explosion splash cuts and burns items
Like light no 2 block pendant groove, on the inside of a file is installed protective net cover with, and outside of a block is changing color with, some PAR lamps have a fixed protective net cover, this not is good??
Remember the 8 lamp heat source with the flammable curtain distance too "". Many years ago, the northeast a school in a show, is because light curtain lit caused a fire, resulting in hundreds of casualties of the tragedy. So, keep a certain distance between the light and the light curtain is important. 300W lamp direct direction and the screen distance shall not be less than 3cm, side of the lamp, and the tail of the curtain (stationary state) the distance shall not be less than 2m, if the magnitude of the swing of the curtain, have close to the lamp, the best in the middle of the lamps and lanterns and curtain set up a metal isolating net, to prevent screen take the lamp and cause a fire. 500W lighting, direct screen distance in 5m, side, and rear curtain distance outside of 3m.
9 avoid by means of the power that the lamp will be installed beyond the power of the manufacturer. The power of each loop on the light silicon box is described in detail in the instruction manual. General each loop carrying power has 2KW, 3KW, 6KW, 1KW. Take 6KW as an example, the controllable in the silicon box.


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