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350W Moving Head Light
Voltage: 110-220
Power consumption:350w
Lighting source:YODN
Control:Master-slave, voice control, since go, 512
Size: 380mm x 260mm x 600mm
Voltage: 100 v to 240 v, 50/60 hz
Total power: 500 w
Light source: Yodn 17 r 350 w
Shows that: 2.2 -inch LCD touch screen, reversing 180 ° display
Color plate: a colour plate 11 (containing two glass design) + blank
Fixed pattern plate: 17 + blank
The pattern plate rotating: 12 + blank
Prism: a 16 rotating prism
Dimming: 0-100% mechanical dimmer
Stroboscopic: 0 to 25 / S frequency modulation speed
Focusing function: support
The beam Angle range: 0-30 °
X: 270 °
Y: 540 °
Applicable temperature: - 45 ℃ to 70 ℃, the light bulb contains overheating protection switch
IP protection grade: IP20
Product size: 380 mm x 260 mm x 600 mm
Net weight: 18 kg
Free accessories: signal lines, power cords, one set of mounting bracket).
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