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LED10W Spot
Power consumption:
Lighting source:
Using imported high brightness led light source 10 w lights, equivalent to 30 w led lights brightness
Voltage: 90-245 v50/60 hz
10 w white LED light source 1
Lamp life: 50000
Channel number: 4/12 channel DMX - 512
Shake head: horizontal 540 degrees, vertical: 270 degrees,
Rotating pattern plate of 7 + open flow, the effect of rainbow pattern jitter + 7 color rainbow color flow effects of stroboscopic variable electronic stroboscope dimmers variable electronic dimmer (0% 100%)
Control: the master/slave, acoustic, built by the master/slave
Beam Angle: 12 degrees
Total weight: 3 kg
Packing size: 24 x24x26cm
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