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P4 Power Supply Box
Power consumption:
Lighting source:
Input power: three-phase five-wire system AC380V ± 10%, frequency 50Hz ± 5%.
(2) Rated power: 400A. Can access 50mm2-70mm 2 copper wire.
3 Output box provided to each silicon phase rated current: 63A.
4 Dimensions (mm): L515 × W485 × H177.
    Single Weight: 17KG
P4 power supply box is a box with 6-channel silicon-silicon box or 12 boxes and matched through the use of power equipment.
Silicon with up to four boxes or containers through supporting the use of four air cabinet assembly, the user provides the necessary power.
Let 3X10A and 40A spare seat and universal two output. Three pole socket can provide power to other users.
A.B.C three-phase power indicator. DMX signal transfer.
Overload and short circuit protection high breaking dual air switch.
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