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Letter to suppliers
Thank each supplier for your long-term attention and support to the electronic and foreign electronics, and make us grow and expand.!
Guangzhou City, Shu Yang Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is a stage lighting equipment as the main body, scientific research, production and marketing in one of the modern enterprise comprehensive equipment. Our main products include computer head lamp, outdoor searchlight, chasing lights, logo lights, laser lights, effect lights, strobe lights, LED lights, hood series, console series more than 200 varieties for customers to choose. Its products have been widely due to the wedding, dance halls, bars, auditorium, radio, television, theater and film and Television City, and other entertainment places, Shu Yang stage lights always adhering to the "integrity-based, quality first, service perfect" purpose. Continuous exploration and innovation in lighting industry. After years of development, the scale of the stage lights of the stage of Shu Yang has expanded continuously, and management has gradually improved, and has been operated according to the ISO9000 quality management system..
Fair, just, open is the enterprise idea of Shu Yang electron. Just pay, abide by the commitment of the principle of Shu Yang. Only the credit is supreme, can realize the win-win. We are ready to work closely with our friends and to develop our common development..
Here, we remind you specially:
Shu Yang Electronics in the staff code of conduct "clearly stipulates: all Shu Yang employees not to suppliers of cable, borrow money or belongings, and therefore do not allow there should also be no Shu Yang employees to suppliers cable, borrow money or belongings. If you happen to the name of the foreign staff to the supplier, through property, can be regarded as illegal fraud, etc., to remind you that I would like to visit fooled. Shu Yang Electronics reiterated no responsibility for the supplier so cheated.
Welcome to the major suppliers of cooperation, create success!
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